New report: People defending the environment are being murdered

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Environmental defenders are under attack. A new report released today by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) clearly demonstrates that people who protect the environment and human rights are increasingly being monitored, threatened, harassed – and even murdered.

The results are deeply troubling: 

88 percent of participating organisations state that the situation for civil society in their respective country has deteriorated in recent years. 

80 percent state that they find it difficult to carry out their activities as planned. The most common forms of risks are said to be surveillance (physical and digital), smear campaigns and death threats. 

24 percent state that employees or individuals from the organisation’s target groups have been killed as a result of their environmental work.

52 percent state that they can give examples of when they or their target groups have been harassed or threatened by private companies.  

68 percent perceive that decision-makers in the country in which the organisation operates seem to regard the environmental movement as a threat. 

Download the report: https://www.naturskyddsforeningen.se/nyheter/new-report-people-defending-environment-are-being-murdered

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